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Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider Man 2 Gives Spectacular Portrayal of Gwen Stacy

The immense popularity and buzz around The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie would naturally mean the the super hero movie would be followed up with another one of the renowned webslinging Spidey, and The Amazing Spider Man 2, directed by Marc Webb is set to be released in 2D and 3D in May of 2014.

The action-adventure movie set in New York sees Peter Parker sorting out a host of nasty villains, one of which is new entrant, Electro. Not only is Spider-Man dealing with all these villains, he has to split his time to spend with his beloved Gwen Stacy. Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider Man 2 movie plays Gwen Stacy who in the film will be competing for Peter Parker’s affections against Mary Jane Watson, who is played by Shailene Woodley.

A Natural Chemistry Between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield
The casting of Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy continues an association between Sony Pictures Entertainment and Emma Stone, who previously starred in the likes of Zombieland, Superbad and The House Bunny for Columbia Pictures.  Gwen Stacy needed to be portrayed by someone who understood her very character and spirit, and Emma Stone was the closest match.  Her amazing talent along with that magical on-screen spark between her and Andrew Garfield simply made her perfect for the role as Gwen.
Marc Webb has said of the Emma Stone in the Amazing Spider Man 2 that “the chemistry between Andrew and Emma was stunning and made Emma the clear choice…..” Emma Stone claims that the chemistry between her and Andrew Garfield wasn’t something that had to be learned or worked on; it was naturally there from word go. She says that you can build a relationship with anyone, but when it comes to chemistry, it’s something that can’t be built; you either have it for someone or you don’t. The fact that Andrew Garfield is her  real-life boyfriend shows that she and Andrew had that one thing that makes people get along instantly; and its chemistry.

Emma Stone Easily Adapts to the Roles she Plays
The Amazing Spider Man 2′s leading lady, Emma Stone said herself that “it’s gonna be interesting” to play the first love of Peter Parker, as she has always had an interest in the Spider Man story and particularly the heart-wrenching and somewhat tragic character of blond Gwen Stacy. Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider Man 2 movie comments that while she has been fortunate to have been able to play independent, sure-of-themselves women, she has nonetheless been attracted to playing Gwen Stacy, whom she describes as the ultimate damsel in distress.

Emma Stone Mum on Gwen Stacy’s Future
When being interviewed, Emma Stone in the Amazing Spider Man 2 movie is always being asked about whether Gwen Stacy is about to meet her end. Stone is always reluctant in these interviews to answer any questions about Gwen’s death in the films, and maybe this is because the fate of Gwen in the movie has already been factored in. It is the mystery surrounding the possibility of Gwen’s death which is being heightened because people know only too well that events in comics can be changed.

Emma Stone Does Everything with Aplomb
Nobody can say that Emma stone in the Amazing Spider Man 2 hasn’t brought a tremendous amount of skill to the role, and will in fact be the benchmark by which future Gwen Stacy’s will be measured. Because of Emma Stone’s fantastic portrayal of Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider Man 2 movie, movie goers all agree wholeheartedly that even if Gwen Stacy does die, Emma Stone is bound to ensure that her exit is done with as much aplomb as she has dedicated to the entire role.


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